We have now implemented a Wellness Protocol in our office. This gives us the ability to see what's happening in your body. We have Laboratory Services, Diagnostic Testing, Specialty Pharmacy and Durable Medical Equipment.  What this means for you the patient is that you get to see what's actually happening in your body. What this means to our office is that we now get to make treatment decisions based off the things happening in your body. 

Laboratory Services 

Blood Wellness  Blood draw to show multiple things in your body. Will check metals, hormones, Hematology, Chemistry, Liver function, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Thyroid 

Toxicology  Urine sample to check what medications are in the system and how they are metabolizing

Allergy  Blood Draw 

DNA-  PGX Cheek swab test that will show how medications metabolize in your system

Diagnostic Testing 

Doppler Test  ultrasound using reflected sound waves to see how blood flows through your blood vessel.

NCV Test   is a measurement of the speed of conduction of an electrical impulse through a nerve. It can determine nerve damage and destruction. During the test , the nerve is stimulated, usually with surface electrode patches attached to the skin.

Specialty Pharmacy

FDA approved Topical Cream  relieves pain as a local pain reliever

Durable Medical Equipment

Tens Units stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes 

Pillows  Original Fiberfill or Memory Gel Foam pillows  contoured to support the neck properly so that when you rest your head on it your spine maintains it's natural, neutral shape.